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user_6903 (over 10 years ago)

Great news! waafle845 has been banned from Cam4. waafle845 was the main cause of drama in this room. waafle845 #trollnumber1 is gone! rejoice and have a party.

disabled1 (over 10 years ago)

wtf did this waafle guy do? he's cntryboi? seems ok when I go in there. strokenit is awesome as mod too. the drama these jealous queens conjur up..glad it isn't effecting the show. awesome performers..

user_7701 (over 10 years ago)

I don't think Waaafle was Cntryboi but I'm pretty certain that germanted22 is.

user_6098 (over 6 years ago)

You have to be the most blatant DUMBASS around. Unlike you, cntryboi could not care less about all this online drama that you thrive on. You and your fellow trolls can continue to blame him for EVERY single hateful comment or anonymous online attack ANYWHERE on the net but the truth is its all bullshit and if he has anything to say he will say it straight up and he will OWN IT. Unlike you and the rest just like you, from day ONE,,,he has had ONE profile and doesn't have to hide behind multiple fake ones like a chicken shit punk.

user_9497 (over 9 years ago)

This room just isn't the same no more. Also anyone know what happened to strokinit? he has disappeared and no one seems to care.

user_8957 (over 9 years ago)

lloyldo900 finally got banned for being jollyjaime. something I warned you guys about months ago. these shows continue to be rubbish. andre sold his soul for tokens

user_8690 (over 9 years ago)

They are con artists. Waafle might have been a fucked up troll but everything he said would happen is slowly coming true.

user_8556 (over 9 years ago)

Everything is nice and calm in this room now.

user_8076 (over 9 years ago)

Great news! the fake Safaholics account has been banned from Cam4 once we realised it was someone pretending to be Waafle. Everyone keep reporting this staulker from new York and lets get Cam4 free of trolls,,, love you andre... sexy lets spend Christmas together

user_8040 (over 9 years ago)

Waafle is banned from Cam4. His IP is blocked and he has no way of getting back on. So someone is PRETENDING to be Waafle. I think its Cntryboi4cok as usual. Cntry was behind all those Greenmarble accounts and I even have a list of 30 other names. Game is up

user_7972 (over 9 years ago)

Everyone please report this psychopathic waafle under his new profile Safaholics,,, this disgusting staulker will not leave andre and his fans alone,,,, this disgusting inbred psychopathic needs to be banned from cam4 for ever along with all the other accounts he uses.

user_7917 (over 9 years ago)

It will never end,,,, not until strokenit is gone from cam4 for ever,,, no more tokens for andre the pimp who treats his boys like pigs in cages

user_7816 (over 10 years ago)

This news is interesting. The UK were completely unable to access Cam4 on Thursday and Friday due to a DNS Issue. So Jollyjamie can not be behind all the abusive accounts who left comments on chat walls during these days!

The plot thickens.

user_7845 (over 10 years ago)

Who ever the real troll is they want people to believe they are from the United Kingdom. The question is why? they obviously had no idea the UK had 3 days of zero Cam4 access last week.

user_7786 (over 10 years ago)

I reported germanted22 and he got banned. mrbongobongo has my state blocked so I've asked my friend in Poland to report him and ukmanboobs to cam4.

user_7769 (over 10 years ago)

Everyone please go to Strokenits profile page and click report. Ask the mods to read his chat wall and ban the troll leaving abuse. the troll has banned the US from being able to view his profile but he will not get away with this. coward

user_7757 (over 10 years ago)

Any idea who is behind all the harassment of Twohot guys and Strokenit? enough is enough now. As a lawyer I'm going to help them build a case against this cyber stalker.

user_7701 (over 10 years ago)

I don't think Waaafle was Cntryboi but I'm pretty certain that germanted22 is.

user_7605 (over 10 years ago)

A few facts for the retarded fuckers. Jollyjaime aka roborobo300 aka jimb0tedbear aka brilliant_1 aka Iain is a fucking troll from the UK who has been stalking Andre for years. Andre rejected him as moderator and he is unable to get over this. Waaafle is a troll. His abuse of Strokenit is proof of this but Jollyjaime isn't so innocent either. I have it on Cam4s word that all connected to this drama will be banned from Cam4 if it doesn't stop. So give it up you stupid cunts.

user_7436 (over 10 years ago)

Strokenit continues to ruin this room with his pathetic bullshit. He NEVER tips you Andre so why use him? YOU ARE LOSING TIPS BECAUSE OF HIM

user_7422 (over 10 years ago)

This is now a waaafle free room. The troll is blocked

user_7321 (over 10 years ago)

Their mod Strokenit has RUINED this room which his stupid bullshit. He is a worse mod than Cntryboi4cok which is saying something. Andres has a serious problem with his mods. Strokenit is like a fuckng five year old. Retard. Drop him Andres. Its for the best. Has Strokenit EVER tipped you? all he wants is a free show at the expense of those who are paying. Only use mods who tip you.

user_7405 (over 10 years ago)

Why don't you stop posting your BS everywhere? you deranged fuck.

user_7396 (over 10 years ago)

Looks like Waafle is banned from this room forever. Its about time. He was abusing both performers and viewers alike. Cam4 has some seriously deranged trolls. Waafle being one of the worst.

user_7353 (over 10 years ago)

I thought Waafle had been banned from Cam4 so why did he get let back? He is using a similar name now so the mods must be aware he returned. I'm sick of all this drama. Can't you all just be friends? you are spoiling the greatest room on cam4 with all this nonsense. Jesus wants us to all be friends.

user_7306 (over 10 years ago)

The most entertaining room on cam4 for all the wrong reasons.

user_7081 (over 10 years ago)

Love my boys