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user_2125 (over 9 years ago)

the muscles onthis Superman are so Awesome...and waiting hour to see him cum is beyond orgasmic ...wish he sold videos of him flexing naked OH MY

user_8556 (over 9 years ago)

His body is out of this WORLD! I never seen another bodybuilder on Cam4 as big

user_6513 (over 10 years ago)

USADavid is an old man and this is where most of the profile pics he uses come from. Sugarbutt should just give it up because everyone knows he is a big liar and fake. And as for that tub of lard Scoobskitts you should see the pics of her someone capped from when she was drunk on Cam4.

user_5744 (over 10 years ago)

The best body on cam4. Nice guy and the atmosphere of his room makes it a great place to be. If you are interested in bodybuilding make this guy a must view.

user_5409 (over 10 years ago)

sweet man with amazing body. always a fun room with the nicest members of cam4 in it

user_4577 (over 10 years ago)

This guy is in my opinion the hottest on cam4. He is not only sexy as hell with an amazing ass and huge cock (once its erect its massive) he is a nice guy as well.

user_4502 (over 10 years ago)

This guy has the best ass I have ever seen. He also does cum shows every once and a while and whoa! he shoots like no other guy on cam4.