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user_3234 (about 1 month ago)

This guy is a LEGEND! give him all your tokens. His ass is the best you will EVER see. God of cam4

user_7182 (3 months ago)

I have to agree. The best male there now is on a site that has been in decline for years. so many of the best cam4 models jumped ship to get away from the carolina stalker in 2016.

user_12491 (3 months ago)

I think this guy is probably now the best there is on cam4. No one else can compete.

Rozenall36 (over 3 years ago)

One of the best! The asshole is an amazing sexual apparatus that must do double time for the body. This man is an expert at showing his astonishing accomplishment in self taught asshole training. Not only that, he's so sexy and hot, with a super nice dick that never deflates. On a rare occasion tips don't flow as frequently as needed to keep momentum so remember to "bring your own". One thing that was disappointing is that he's been a bit too cautious with his mods and currently doesn't use any. It never ceases to amaze me that a performer can have a good, loyal experienced mod and any one can come behind later and tell blatant lies about the mod and the mod gets fired without explanation. Eh. it happens, but not sure why a performer gives this power to a complete stranger and upend his show by not keeping a good mod. Oh well, many times I cover up that chat to keep my blood pressure in a normal range. It's not worth it to get riled up about so often juvenile tactics. As for his shows-he's in my top 10 over the last 8 years. Now that means a lot!