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user_7750 (about 3 hours ago)

Helene thank you for today and hunny when you get home get alot of rest ok I love you hunny and ill see you soon ok from your best friend guy

user_8245 (6 days ago)

chicken soups of all countries, unite! Here is a hard case to solve...

user_7750 (13 days ago)

Hi helene hunny im just writing you to see if your feeling well hunny I really care about you alot and I hope your feeling better so give me a call so I dont have to worry ok if not ill see you soon ok love you helene hugg and kisses get well hunny from your best friend guy

user_8245 (13 days ago)

Cut the crap! You really think she reads our shit? Call her by phone and ask her. Don't worry you. There is nothing wrong with her, she neither need us nor any care but she's laughing at us. In the end you make us miserable morons, may be we are

user_7750 (16 days ago)

Hi helene sweetheart how are you feeling I hope you feel better soon hunny and I really mean that if your still not feeling better monday or Tuesday stay home and rest and have some more chicken soup to make you feel alot better ok helene and the guys can wait hunny you know that I really care for you and love you giveing you huggs and kisses I love you dear and get well soon . From your
Best friend guy

user_8245 (16 days ago)

yeah, chicken soup rules, in my opinion too, no joke

user_7750 (17 days ago)

User 8254 im not picking a fight ok im on helene side ok helene can choose who ever she can be with and dude money cant bye you love user 8254 but helene friendship and love mean more than me than anything in the world money can buy you anything but beening helene real friend that really care is better and sronger so user8254 im not fighting with you any more from guy

user_8245 (16 days ago)


user_7750 (18 days ago)

Oh and another thing user8254 you said I dont care for helene I really do ok you sould tip helene more to user 8254 if you really cared about her ok the reason that I cant tip her is because I have a tablet computer and no credit cards ok so please. Respect me and helene more ok and what ever I say to helene it true dude so dont get jealous by me and when helene see me on line she always happy ok user 8245 so dont get mad at her too and im alway going to protect her too because I know how guys take avantage on her and calling her down and trying to hurt her too she has feeling inside her too that why im their to be their for her not you guys and yes I do really care I do have feeling for her too and im sorry if im getting mad at you and other guys that dont give helene any tips at all and if had a computer I would of gave helene all my tip because I really care for her and im still helene s best friend forever dude ok so cool off and next time user 8245 tip alot more for her and respect helene more too dont hurt her ok from helene friend guy

user_8245 (17 days ago)

Ok, let's wait and see who will win: her rudimentary existing brain, or the paid by me 150hp $ 3,000 motorbike. I bet the bike will win...

user_8245 (17 days ago)

Forgotton to give the keywords to google...Keywords are: Helene, Elena Foxycleopatra Foxycleopatraxxx Guy Serjeant Hunny huggs and kisses and fuck off

user_7750 (18 days ago)

Helene hunny it me guy again sweetheart go home and get some rest and some chicken soup too for the cold ok hunny and if your still sick hunny take some days off to feel beter ok and thank for today hunny and I hope you feel better hunny kiss kiss hugg hugg love you drive safe and take care hunny and if you need me call my cell number ok hunny bye from you friend guy

user_8245 (18 days ago)

Slowly I'm not longer sure, who pisses me more off, you or this girl. She only goes online with disgust for to pick up some tokens from the last fools in her room, and you, you always tell u care, but you never tip one single token. Instead of telling always blablabla better shut up or go in her room, call you a fool too, give you a load and tip....


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