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user_7750 (3 days ago)

Yes lostinside83 now I know why I just forgot been really bussy sorry ryan from guy serjeant

lostinside83 (3 days ago)

Lol nice try, give it up you know nothing

user_7750 (4 days ago)

Ok lostinside 83 thank you for leting me know from guy serjeant

lostinside83 (3 days ago)

Actually i said that for cat, since you and Helene are so close you should all ready know she will be gone and why. hmmmm

lostinside83 (4 days ago)

she wont be back for awhile see you all in a week or two

fritzthecat (3 days ago)

telling nothing is not for free - nobody does something for nothing

fritzthecat (4 days ago)

I'm just a cat, not god. From where should I know this?
gotta go wank now or watch a bourne ID movie

fritzthecat (4 days ago)

all days wait if or if not, I hate this. Twitter would be fine

fritzthecat (6 days ago)

Are you on, Ryan?

lostinside83 (6 days ago)

stop encouraging some one that needs help nikk

fritzthecat (6 days ago)

wtf is Nikk

lostinside83 (6 days ago)

ok "cat"

user_8560 (about 1 month ago)

mmm bb I lick u


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