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user_7750 (about 20 hours ago)

Thank for keeping head up with me friz I know friz I know how she feel when everyone. Leave I wish people tip her more though she really deserve credit but I know money is hard too keep too like I told her yesterday I told to try to budget her money to save for a rainy day I hope she does it friz because porn is dieing out slowly so friz I hope her job get better because we dont want to lose are best friend helene from guy

user_7750 (1 day ago)

Hey friz you think helene ok just tell me if she is ok I really dont want her to leave butt if she does it ok she is will still my real friend that I can trust on she never lied to me yet so friz the cat keep me posted ok thank from guy

fritzthecat (1 day ago)

was a slow night, but she's okay, I think. Not many friends left...

user_7750 (1 day ago)

Never mined friz ill tell her ill be on friday thank from guy

user_7750 (1 day ago)

Yes friz the cat its all good with me and helene still I told her how I feel about her and she smiled at me and also I told ryan to smart up because he mad a helene for nothing she did nothing wrong I told helene that it take gusts to work on chaturbate and to raise her child alone and I also told her that im proud of her too and and I am proud to be her best friend and if anything happen ill stand by her side if she want to leave chaturbate or stay im glad I met her last year how know how long im going to last with her only the future know and im really happy getting to know the real helene she awesome smart nicest person to meet with a beautiful body and personality so frizthe cat im glad to find some one I really like and thats helene from guy

fritzthecat (1 day ago)

wow, so you have finally her phon number? and from Ryan too? In chat you didnt talk this, hehe)))

fritzthecat (1 day ago)

All OK with you GS? All Over Now, Baby Blue?

user_7750 (9 days ago)

Sorry another wrong type o me not mno sorry friz
from guy

user_7750 (14 days ago)

Well fritzthecat im a 41 year old male that know to treat a lady and im glad helene listened to me because we are really friends and I treat her with respect not meat all the time and yes frizthe cat im from prince albert Saskatchewan canada and yes my real name is guy serjeant and know im not kidding around either reason I talk bad english is I have dielexa ok reason I dont have her phone number or address because I didnt ask for it but she has my phone number and she can call me any time she wants to and shes not lazy frizthecat she has another job she works she always bussy so dont call her lazy and friz im not a hillbilly either im just a normal person a proud canadian how looking for love and friendship and that why I pick helene because she beautiful hard working goodlooking smart and great looking body so frizthecat that why im staying with her from guy

user_7750 (14 days ago)

No not all the time fritzthe cat im not bad mouthing you its just treat helene with alittle respect she only human she has feeling inside her too how would you like to be in her shoes being used all the time im glad to get to know her more bcause their somthing that I really like about her and I hope are friendship lasts so frizthecat try to get to know her first before you judge her ok and maybe we can all be friend ok fritzthecat from guy

user_7750 (17 days ago)

Hey user 8245 I hope helene listen to me tonight to take two week off she deserves it and she is pritty sore and she really need some sleep too she been working to hard all week I hope she listen to her best friend I dont want her to get really sick from not sleeping because I know how she really going though because I have done the same thing didnt sleep for four day straight see you later user 8245 from guy

user_7750 (20 days ago)

So helene that why I came on for a bit to tell you that im ok that I was not in a accident ok im still alive ok just leting you know

fritzthecat (20 days ago)

Ohhhh, nice to hear that, I've already missed your messages. I and possibly her MOD are the only readers, haha. But dream your dream...

user_8560 (24 days ago)

mmm bb I lick u


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